Euro 2016 Language Survival Kit

Here are 5 reasons why Mondly is your best Language Survival Kit for Euro 2016.

Euro 2016 Language Survival Kit

UPDATE: For all travelers – We’re proud to have been recommended by Apple as the right app for learning French.

So you just landed in France, ready for the big football event – Euro 2016.
Whether you’ve been there before or it’s your first visit, you soon start to feel ‘the magic’ all around you – lots of tourists, beautiful wine shops, cozy corner bistros, colorful street artists, boulangeries that tempt you with fresh baguettes, and a surprisingly large number of people who can’t understand your English.
What to do? Well, do as they do – speak French!

Mondly comes to the rescue, whether you’re a total beginner in French or you last spoke the language during the courses in school. The app will teach you core words and phrases in French in due time, and you can learn from 32 languages!

Here are 5 reasons why Mondly is your best Language Survival Kit for Euro 2016.

1. Learn how to say Hello and how to introduce yourself to a stranger

You don’t have to be a language expert to be polite. And being polite in France is more important than most tourists think. A simple Bonjour will earn you a smile, and being able to talk about yourself in the local language will maybe even earn you a friend.

Mondly teaches you exactly that from the very beginning. After a few second spent with the app, you will already know how to greet people. A few minutes in and you will be able to have a full basic conversation in French. Pretty cool, right?

2. Go through airport customs, get a taxi to your hotel and check-in. In French

Airport personnel is trained to help tourists in English, but why not go the extra mile and travel like a language enthusiast? It takes very little time to learn core words in any foreign language, and French makes no exception.

With Mondly you can learn on the go, so if you packed for this trip in a rush, there’s still time to learn during the commute to the airport or while you’re waiting to board the plane. It will be so much more helpful than spending time and money in the duty free shops.

3. Find your way around the city

You’re all set for the football games, but there’s also time that you can spend doing other things. After all, one really cannot go to France just for the football championship. There are so many beautiful monuments, galleries and other public places that you definitely have to visit during your stay there. Now remember that small detail about people not understanding your English? The streets will be the place where you will find most of them. Asking for directions in English, pointing at a map and communicating confusion through your body language will help locals understand what you want, but you will most probably get the directions in French. Be prepared for that, otherwise you might end up on the city’s outskirts instead of the museum. There’s really so little that you need to know in order to ask for directions and to understand what you’re being told.

Mondly gives you an entire category for Traveling, where you will learn everything that you need to know.

4. Order at the restaurant

You’re at a nice bistro in central Paris and you’re ready to order that French meal that you’ve been thinking about ever since you left the airport. There’s no fun in ordering French food in English, so knowing how to ask for your favorite dish will be quite useful.

Mondly dedicates a full category for Foods and Drinks. This way not only will you be able to order that steak haché in style, but you will not fall into the trap of asking for glaçon and the waiter brings you ice cubes, when all you need is an empty glass for your drink.

5. Go shopping

Going shopping is an essential part of your traveling experience. It can be anything from buying souvenirs to getting medicine from the pharmacy. Also, if you’re a fashion enthusiast, you will find that France is the right place to see the latest trends – this goes especially for Paris. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask for the price or for a certain product.

Mondly’s language category for Shopping covers casual situations, so that you can shop without worrying about being misunderstood.

Go the extra mile

Yes, there’s more. Mondly teaches you the languages that are spoken in 22 of the 24 participating countries at Euro 2016. If you’re a language enthusiast as much as you are a football fan, play your way to one or more of the other languages and start conversations with the football fans around you. It’s a great chance to make new friends.

Traveling is great. And traveling to support your country’s football team in a continental tournament can be a unique life experience. But make sure to prepare yourself for any situation. Rule of thumb – when traveling to a foreign country, learn useful expressions in the local language.

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