New Feature – The Leaderboard

We created The Leaderboard - the biggest language learning contest out there. Here’s how you can take full advantage of this great new feature!

New Feature – The Leaderboard

We built Mondly because we wanted to make language learning different. We made it easy by giving you a great experience inside the app. We made it efficient by splitting the lessons in bite-size chunks, so that you can learn a language even with just a few minutes of training per day. And we made it fun by bringing game elements in the lessons. But then we felt that there was more to it, that we can make learning even more fun. Seriously fun. We thought about giving you a good reason to earn language learning points every day. So we created The Leaderboard – the biggest language learning contest out there.

The idea behind it is simple – complete as many lessons as you can and earn the most points to become #1. You can compare your points with people who learn the same language in your country, from all over the world or in your friends list. This also goes for the streak. The leaderboards are refreshed every month, but you can also check your past months’ position or the all-time rank for the language that you’re currently learning. At a global level you can see how each country ranks in each language, based on everyone’s score.

Here’s how you can take full advantage of this great new feature:

Be the best in your country

If you completed all the daily lessons and on top of that you used the categories to learn useful phrases for your summer trip abroad, there’s a high chance that you earned enough points to be among the best language learners in your country. Keep your streak high by completing at least one lesson daily. This way you can be the first in the Streak Leaderboard as well.

Be the best in the world

Did you end the month on the first place in your country? Take your learning to the next level and check your rank in the Global Leaderboard, where people from all over the world compete to get to the top. Are you up for the challenge?

Compete with your friends

Are your friends learning a new language with Mondly? We’ve built a special leaderboard just for you guys. See what language each of them is learning, and get the best score to reach the top of the list. Quick tip: have fun by turning this into a monthly challenge, where you reward the winner with a prize.

Compete for your country’s supremacy

We know that people tend to learn a language on their own and compete for their own rank, so we thought about adding some spice to that and making language learning a team game. The Countries Leaderboard is the place where everyone’s score matters. Everyone who learn a certain language contributes to the Country’s rank at a global level. Learn more, complete more lessons, and ask all your friends to join you in making your country the supreme worldwide language learning leader.

10 comments on “New Feature – The Leaderboard

    1. Hey there. That’s a very good question.
      Here’s how the points are calculated:
      – For a Daily Lesson or any other lesson from the categories you get a maximum of 13 points. There are 10 points for completing the lesson and one extra point for every golden star. Let me give you an example: if you complete a lesson, but have one incorrect answer, you only get two stars and 12 points. If you have four incorrect answers, then you have to redo that lesson, because you run out of hearts.
      – For the Weekly Quiz it works the same. You get a maximum of 43 points, where 40 are for completing the quiz itself, and the extra 3 points are for the extra golden stars. You give one wrong answer, you loose one point. You give four incorrect answers and you have to redo the Weekly Quiz.

      Note that we are currently working on an in-depth description of every aspect of the app, so stay tuned and be the first to find out about it.

      Thank you for learning with Mondly!

  1. Es un modo diferente de distraerse aprendiendo ..excelente actividad felicidades por su valiosa creatividad ..saludos desde Venezuela . Muacks

  2. But you should limit the amount of points that can be earned per day, and no allow to get points for repeating the same lesson again and again as the people at the top of the rankings do. Seriously this feat makes me leave a feedback of 3 instead of 5, because it puts at the top the people obsessed with points and not actual learning.

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