2 Years of Mondly Languages

We built a great language learning app and we made it our mission to offer everyone lessons in as many languages as possible.

2 Years of Mondly Languages

We had a dream. A great dream. We wanted to create something that will positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world. Our passion for technology, design and education inspired us to start working on a language project that was so ambitious, it seemed almost impossible to complete in the beginning.

Two years ago we made that dream come true. We built a great language learning app and we made it our mission to offer everyone lessons in as many languages as possible.

On May 28 2014, Mondly was born.

We started small, but kept thinking big at every step of the way. Our developers, designers, language experts and translators all worked together to build a language learning app that’s easy to use, fun to learn with, and effective in real life situations.

There were good times and there were difficult times. It was our motivation to build the best language app out there that kept us going. On top of this, the positive feedback that we got from all of you convinced us that we’re doing the right thing.

We’ve come a long way since the beginning and there’s a lifetime of learning ahead of us.

With this in mind, we give you an infographic about where Mondly stands today. From here on, sky’s the limit.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Mondly - 2 Years Infografic

27 comments on “2 Years of Mondly Languages

  1. Thank you for creating such a clever little app, I love using it, I’d love it if you guys could come up with a printable version too, I have no internet access in work so I’d love to be able to print something off so I can do lessons or tests off line then redo it at home so I can check my answers with yours. Anyway keep up the great work,
    Grazie molto,

  2. Love this app it’s easy and fun keep up the good work. I am learning Korean and have tried many language learning apps this one is very good

  3. Parabéns!! Ótimo aplicativo, tê me ajudado muito no aprendizado da língua alemã, combinada com o inglês!’Continuem sempre assim!! Saudações do Brasil!

  4. Thank you Alex.

    I am a brazilian woman and I need to learn more languages.

    Viele Dank


  5. I congratulate you on your success! I use Mondly almost every day and it helps reinforce my Spanish. My only criticism would be that I signed up for ‘advanced’ Spanish and I would rate the course as intermediate level. Other than that , an excellent site that I regularly recommend to others.

  6. Thank you guys for this great tool. I’m leafrench and love how practical it is. Keep up the good work and may you grow from strength to strength.

  7. Very nice app and i love it. Thanks for very good dutch exercise??

  8. My congratulations for the design and determination and effort. I have been very helpful.

  9. It is amazing application.
    I’m a Moroccan women I need to learn more languages.
    Happy birthday mondly

  10. Thank you for creating this app, I use it almost everyday to learn Korean and Mondly’s been a great help.

  11. J adore apprendre les langues les unes par les autres. J apprends avec Mondly l anglais par le chinois et le chinois par l anglais, c est tres amusant
    Un grand merci a toute l equipe

  12. Su método de enseñanza es fabuloso. He aprendido mas de lo que esperaba en casi dos meses. Espero entender qué pasa con la información de mi tarjeta que no pasa. Estoy ansiosa por lograrlo para poder tener acceso a todo el material. Y luego seguor con otro idioma. Felicidades!

  13. I’m a few days late, but a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY…what a wonderful time I’m having while learning a language that I have tried for years to perfect…thank you so very much for your hard, but amazing work!

  14. Hi There, what an insightful and wonderful blogpost. Helped me very much with my dilemma. Love the points you have mentioned. Absolutely true!

  15. My son started it and now I’m on it. It is great. I am a Grade 4 teacher and would love to use this program to teach french to my students. I have them doing the free daily lesson but is there anything more an educator can do with this website? This would be a great application of using technology to help teach the language.

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