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Mondly celebrates International Day of Families

On 15 May the World celebrates International Day of Families, according to UN observances*. We at Mondly believe that family is the strongest bond between people and we want to celebrate this day together with you.

How is this connected to language learning? People who learn with Mondly showed us exactly how. Today we share with you some of their thoughts.

Reconnecting with bilingual families

“I am new to New Mexico and half of my staff & families speak Mexican Spanish. This handy tutorial is helping me build stronger relationships with them.”

So many families nowadays are spread across the globe. When this is also spread across generations, it can happen that different members of the same family speak different languages. Reconnecting with relatives from other countries can be quite a challenge if there is a language barrier; unless you turn that barrier into an opportunity to learn some foreign words and expressions.

Language learning as a family activity

“The whole family loves this app, which makes us want to learn more languages. Brilliant, easy to use (…)”

Board games are fun and addictive, but how about trying something special like language learning? Mondly is a great activity for you and your family and everyone can benefit from learning a new language.

Compete with your loved ones

“[I like] all of the family to get involved as everyone is happy when a level is passed. Très bon!”

Competing can be enjoyable and constructive if it’s done with the right people. We built Mondly in such a way that you can compete with your family and see how everyone is doing. It’s an engaging activity that can bring everyone closer together.

There are so many other stories about how people use Mondly with their family. What’s your story? Let us know in the comment section below.

Happy International Day of Families!


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